Upper Canada Child Care

Upper Canada Child Care provides an environment in which your children can experience healthy and enjoyable opportunities for growth.


Our Philosophy

At Upper Canada Child Care centres, we build caring, responsive relationships between our educators, children and families to create learning environments that foster a sense of belonging, provide rich opportunity for play, and cultivate each child’s competence, capacity and potential.

Children learn through play, whether it is lively and exuberant or quiet and absorbing, we see the connection between children’s play – freely chosen, enjoyable, active and guided by internal motivation rather than external goals – and the learning and social development that helps them to succeed in life.

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A Partnership For The Future

We believe that parent involvement is essential to the provision of child care, and that the partnership between parents and staff is important to the development of each child. Parents are encouraged to visit, participate in programs, and attend special events such as BBQ’s, parent workshops, and holiday celebrations. Parents are also encouraged to be involved in ways that reflect their interests and talents, such as sharing recipes, reading stories, or leading a classroom activity.


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