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Some of our centres provide infant programs for children age 5 months to 18 months. A warm and loving atmosphere prevails in our infant rooms, where a 1:3 ratio (one teacher to three infants) enables our staff to provide individualized care for each baby.

Infants are nurtured through a variety of sensory and movement experiences, and the importance of following each baby's sleep, feeding and play routines, as it is done at home, is mirrored in our care. The importance of communication between parents and teachers is emphasized through a daily record of each baby's activities, food intake, and diaper routine.

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Some of our centres provide toddler programs for children age 18 months to 2½ years. As each child grows and develops, we provide the opportunity for safe, supervised exploration in our busy toddler rooms.

A 1:5 ratio (one teacher to five toddlers) is provided during programming time. As in all our rooms, age-appropriate toys, equipment and art supplies are in abundance to encourage busy little hands and minds.

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Some of our centres provide preschool programs for children age 2½ to 5 years. By supplying children with appropriate activities to facilitate math and language skills (such as games, arts, crafts, baking, etc.), they learn to explore, differentiate, make choices, and understand concepts.

During programming time, our teacher to child ratio is 1:8.

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Nursery School

Some of our centres provide nursery school programs for children age 2½ to 4 years. Each child is assisted in developing social awareness through interaction with other children and with responsible, accepting adults.

The program includes math and language activities, creative arts and storytelling, music and drama, cooking and science, and sand and water play.

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Some of our centres provide junior and senior kindergarten programs for children age 3 years, 8 months to 5 years. These programs follow a structured program prepared to support the Ministry of Education curriculum. Concrete learning experiences promoting competency and self-esteem are offered.

Our low teacher to child ratio (1:13) facilitates opportunities for learning.

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Before and After School

Some of our centres provide before and after school programs for children age 6 to 12 years, in which a diverse range of activities are provided, including sports, arts, crafts, and games. A quiet area is always available for homework.

Full-time care is available on school professional development days and winter and spring breaks at an additional nominal fee. The Child Care and Early Years Act requires a 1:15 teacher to child ratio for children age 6 to 9 years and a 1:20 ratio for children age 10 to 12 years.


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